We stock Hurth, PRM, Technodrive, ZF and ISA gearboxes suitable for small engines up to 80hp. Our fully equipped workshop gives us the ability to carry out comprehensive gearbox rebuilds on Hurth, ZF, and ISA boxes and we carry large stocks of seals, clutch discs and bearings. Other drive related items we hold in stock are flexible drive plates and flexible couplings. Drive plates are an important part of the engine, providing a smooth power delivery to the gearbox and reducing the level of rattling often heard whilst the engine is idling in neutral. A damaged drive plate is often misdiagnoised as a faulty gearbox and ironically if not attended to, could result in the failure of the gearbox !
Flexible couplings come in many shapes, sizes and prices. The difference between them being how well they isolate the engine from the propeller shaft. The more flexiblity in the coupling, the less likely there is to be vibration transmitted from the engine to the hull. Couplings with thrust bearings, which transmit no sidewards loads to the prop.shaft, have the benefit of reducing the wear to the stern tube bearing and prop.shaft.