Exhaust silencers

Some boats require a wet exhaust system, others can use a dry system not unlike that used on a motor car, either way, significant improvements can be made to the level of exhaust noise reaching the boat users ears. For those boat owners needing a wet exhaust system, we stock a range of Halyard lift silencers and flexible exhaust hose and to stop the gurgling often associated with this type of exhaust system, Halyard produce a device called a Water Seperator. This piece of equipment 'seperates' the injected water from the exhaust flow after the temperatures have cooled down. This allows the exhaust gases to exit through a standard transom fitting, while the water is discharged silently below the waterline. Boats that require a dry exhaust system have just as many options open to them. A simple system utilising a small silencer will satisfy the requirements of many owners but those who have well sound insulated instalation would benefit from one of our 'hospital generator' silencers. These are especially quiet and suitable for residental moorings where the running of the main engine or a generator would be anti-social.
Many well designed engine installations are let down by poorly thought through and badly constructed exhaust systems. There is not a better example of the saying 'you don't spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar' . We are not suggesting that a good exhaust system comes as cheap as that, but we consider it money well sent.