Bukh engines have an enviable reputation on the waterways. Fitted in all manner of craft from ships lifeboats to narrowboats to sailing yachts, they are renown for their reliability, smooth running and longevity. Built in Denmark, Bukh have been producing engines since 1904, making them one of the oldest engine builders. Since 1970, when the DV series of engines was developed, one area the company has concentrated its efforts is the production of ships lifeboat engines. The spin off from which is the 10,24,36 and 48 BHP engines that make up the current range of small engines. To be accepted as ships lifeboat engines they are subjected to rigorous testing and must meet the most stringent requirements from authorities in nations such as the USA, Germany, Holland and the UK. All Bukh engines have the facility to be started by hand and should you wish to do so, will at minus 15 degrees Celsius. The two and three cylinder engines meet the requirements of IMO resolution A521part of which specifies that the engine should be able to run upside down for a minimum of ten seconds and run submerged in water up to the middle of the crank. The demand for this last test is five minutes, but after one hour, the Bukh engine was still running steadily !
Bukh consider these engines to be the finest marine engines built today.

As the offical distributor for the inland waterways, with over twenty years experience with Bukh engines, we keep a huge range of spares on the shelf and always have engines available from stock.