It's more than 25 years since the first Aquadrive was fitted into a boat, in fact there are now tens of thousands installed world-wide. This coupling can transform an engine installation, in some cases reducing vibration by 95% and structure borne noise by 50% *.The very logic of the Aquadrive system is inescapable. An engine that is vibrating on soft mounts needs total freedom of movement from its driveshaft if that noise and vibration are not to be transmitted to the hull. The Aquadrive flexible drive system is an extra that should be standard. The installation of an Aquadrive system is straight forward and does not require regular checking and re-adjusting of the engine alignment and even allows deliberate angles between engine and propeller shaft. Aquadrives are available to suit engines from 5hp to 1700hp and can be tailor-made in different lengths for special installations. The range of Aquadrive mounts covers engines with weights from 80kgs to 8 tonnes, choosing the correct mount for a particular installation is 30% calculation and 70% pure experience. Engine mounts are a tiny part of a vessel but their importance is out of all proportion to their size ! For more information on what benefits an Aquadrive could bring to your boat, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a detailed brochure containing specifications dimensions and prices.
* Results from tests carried out by a respected independant authority.

The drive shaft that forms
the heart of the system.
Constant velocity joints
allow movement in all
Why should a boat be pushed
along by its rubber engine
mounts? With an Aquadrive,
the propeller thrust is
directed to the hull.
Aquadrive's extra soft engine
mounts. Shielded to prevent
damage and captive to hold
the engine if overturned.

new model !
Moduline CVB05.10

new model !
Moduline CVB10.10



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