The system is supplied with adaptors to suit a wide variety of marine gearboxes. These add approximately 25mm to the length shown, but this will vary slightly. Couplings are available for 1", 11/4", 13/8", 11/2", 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm and 40mm shafts. Special sizes can be supplied and the system is also available with a flange coupling. The dimensions above apply to a system with a 11/2" shaft, for other shaft sizes, some dimensions will vary slightly.

Technical data  
Max. continuous propeller thrust 7000 N
1570 lbf.
Max. static torque 1250 Nm
920 lbs.ft.
Max. angularity per joint 8o
Max. propeller shaft rpm 5,000
Maximum angles per joint.
The maximum angle per joint, governed by the maximum rpm at which the propeller shaft will rotate, is shown below.
upto 2,000 8 degrees
  2,500 6 degrees
  3,000 5 degrees
  4,000 4 degrees
Since each system has two CV joints, the maximum angle through the full Aquadrive system is double the above figure. Maximum parallel misalignment is 17mm (at 80angle per joint).

Power ratings.

The graph shows the max. intermittent power the system will accept at any given shaft rpm (after gearbox reduction). The 20100A unit is designed for use with engines of up to 60hp (45KW) with prop. shaft speeds up to 2,000rpm, or for commercial installations up to 45hp (34KW) at 1,200rpm. Used as a drive shaft alone the 20100A CV unit will take up to 100hp (75KW) at 2,500rpm.

In most applications, the shortest possible length is required. Equally there are occasions where a longer system will save cost or trouble. The Aquadrive is therefore available to tailormade lengths as shown below, dependent on shaft speed.



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